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Ballet Talk Is Up and Open!

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The site is back up, and we've made some significant changes to Ballet Talk.

First is that Alexandra and Leigh Witchel will take a more active role on the board again. Just as my job started to send me to another continent on a regular basis, technology opened a new window of time for Alexandra, and I am very grateful that she will share it with us.

The look of the board has changed, too. If you look down the homepage, the most significant change is that we are going back the original forum structure, combining all reviews into a single forum, "Recent Performances," and we've moved the Company forums into "Archives." News from all companies have a home in "Ballet News and Issues." We've moved the recent threads from the Company forums to the corresponding threads. Ballet is a small world, and much of what affects one company will have impact on the other side of the ocean or globe.

You can still read the threads in the Company forums. They've been made "read-only," but they are visible and searchable. If there are discussions that you'd like to revive, please create a new thread in one of the discussion forums. You can either link to the original thread, or PM or email us through the "Contact Us" link at the top of each page to do it for you.

We hope that with the consolidation, forums are easier to find and use, especially for newcomers.

Thank you for your patience during the downtime.

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