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Odile Variation Hops on Pointe

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I can't remember if the 2 young dancers who danced Zulma (or Sulma.....the program used an "S") on different days did a penchee or an arabesque at the end, but they definitely brought the leg completely around, and that is probably because there were Cuban teachers during the summer intensive.

I have seen some dancers lift their leg so high behind them instead that there is no way to bring it all the way around behind them. So it is flashy at the beginning (height of leg) but not all the way through. So I guess it is a trick to impress with leg height, but circling the leg all the way is more impressive in the long run.

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The nice thing on a renversee is to see this beautiful circling properly done with the twisted body to it.

Yes, it is nice and more fluid than just lifting the leg as high as you can and putting it back down on the floor once it is behind you. I agree!

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