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These were announced yesterday:

Tanya Howard, Etienne Lavigne, and Bridgett Zehr to First Soloist

Alexandra Golden, Tina Pereira to Second Soloist

(Media Release

I am especially happy for Tina Pereira. She has been one to watch since she joined the company as an apprentice. I will never forget her as the 1st shade in Bayadere Act II. Such a strong and confident dancer. She does not have the conventional "ballerina" look, but makes up for it with her charisma.

Bridgett Zehr is also very deserving. She just joined a year ago, but has already made a lasting impression in Sleeping Beauty, Voluntaries, and Polyphonia. If you watch her in class, she is just stunning. It's premature to say, but I could definitely see her becoming a principal one day.

Congrats to all of these fine dancers!

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