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I cannot believe that I have never been on this site before today. Honestly, I cannot remember how I stumbled on it but I am glad I did. My son is leaving SAB and at 17 signed a contract as a corp member for a major ballet company. I won't reveal the name of the company because it has been a lot of fun ready the comments on the company, and I can't wait to read the boards reviews on him when he dances. So I will keep that info to myself. I am impressed with the thoughtfulness and the knowledge and the respectfulness on these message boards.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, printscess; we've very glad you found us. Congratulations to your son on becoming a company member; how exciting for him and all his family! We hope everything goes well with him. You'll find lots of information on the board, and we hope you'll join in on our discussions. And thank you for your compliments.


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