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the mariinsky ballet's "Awkening of Flora"

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this is said to be a prod. based on the sergeyev notations, by vikharev, who worked on the new/old SLEEPING BEAUTY.

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i read that this ballet from the old imperial russian repertory will be performed newt month at the mariinsky, and i would like to ask is anyone in the forum has any information on the staging.

One of the french language ballet forums refers you to this description at the wikipedia information source in english.


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re: the solo shot of trefilova on wikipedia - i'm not at all sure that it shows the ballerina in FLORA, i have not seen this photo specifically identified as being from FLORA elsewhere.

i can find no ref. noting that V. A. T. took on another part in FLORA after creating the role of Amour, which this photo does not depict.

my guess might be Tereza in CAVALRY HALT.

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