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Hello from Manchester

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I am at school in Manchester in the UK. I used to do ballet myself, but gave up when I came to secondary school (tut tut - but it is an all-boys school! :wink: ). I don't actually see that much ballet live: once or twice a year I get down to London (in the school holidays of course!) and see the Royal Ballet, and if other companies come to Manchester I see some of those too. A rather starry example: we saw the Bolshoi last year in Spartacus!

Anyway, I have been reading these message boards for at least a year now, and the many, many discussions on this board are so interesting that I couldn't resist joining to have a go myself. I'm basically here to learn.

PS As you can see, I tend to go on and on a lot.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, scherzo! We hope you enjoy the site. And we'd love to hear what you think about the Balanchine triple bill.

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Welcome, scherzo! You're lucky to live in a place where you do regularly get to seeing great companies perform! Alas, where I'm from you have to make do with hearsay (which I get on BalletTalk, of course) and pray hard that some famous dancer or company finds themselves at a bit of a loose end and deigns to pay us a flying visit! :wink:

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