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Balanchine Symphony in C, Robbins Goldbergs

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Is there a video of any kind available for either of these ballets? Thanks.
Regarding Symphony in C as far as I know it is not availlable on dvd but it has been broadcasted several times.

There is the video with Allegra in the 2nd movement (and Sarah Leland in the 3rd) that was part of the 1973 German recorgings of Balanchine. It was broadcasted in Europe on satelite tv some time ago. Considering how incredibly awful the video direction is in the other german recordings, this one escaped relatively unscathed. An amazing video.

There was a broadcast some years ago by the BBC, with Darcey Bussell in the 2nd movement.

And when the Mariinsky acquired Palais de Cristal they filmed it for tv (1rst Nioradze, 2nd Lopatkina, 3rd Vishneva, 4rth Ayupova)

I'm also aware of a video by the Korean Ballet that was on a Korean satelite channel recently.

Finally, I'm not sure about this but I think in the Balanchine documentary there are fragments of an older NYCB film, perhaps this exists in some library in NY and you can watch it.

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To add to chrisk217's list: When POB toured Tokyo a few years ago, their version -- the original -- of Palais de Cristal was broadcasted, vividly-coloured costumes & all.

I know of no film -- commercially-released or broadcasted -- of Goldberg Variations.

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