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My Introduction

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Hello, everyone!

I will make this short, as I cannot wait to begin posting about the most recent performances I have seen! By way of introduction, allow me to present a short biography: I am a graduate student (on my way to an MA in Russian and East European Studies) and a big fan of ballet, modern dance, opera, and classical music. I have worked in arts administration (is there a subforum for discussing issues related to that?), I have lived in Russia and parts of Eastern Europe, and I have recently taken up ballet classes again. I am happy to be part of a community of such enthusiastic and well-informed ballet fans, critics, and dancers!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, ZB1, and thank you for your kind words about the site. We look forward to hearing from you about what you've seen.

We occasionally have threads about arts administration in the "Ballet News" and "Issues in Ballet" forums (and sometimes in "Anything Goes"), but these are relatively rare, although we often discuss sub-issues, like Marketing, hiring, etc. Our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers has a forum dedicated to Arts Administration. You need to be registered to see the forum. After you register, you can find it here:


And registration at BT4D will also give you access to the Adult Ballet Students and Adult Student Buddy Board forums, too.

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