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Hi !!

I'm 18 year old and I'm from Italy.

I'm a great ballet fan (I have seen Giselle, DonQ, Swan Lake and a few Galas, all in Italy) and I have danced for a while (5 years).

I'm completely obssessed with Cojocaru&Kobborg (they are wonderful :flowers: ) and I love Bussell (never seen live :blushing: ) and Bolle (now busy with Aida at La Scala so he isn't around very much :o ).

Thanks for your time and sorry for mistakes :flowers::D

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, ScarlettDiva. As a fan you'll find lots of news and information about your favorite dancers here. We all love ballet, and we love our ballet discussions. If you are a dance student you'll enjoy our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers, which is designed for dance students; perhaps you've already found it. You can get there by clicking on "BT for Dancers" at the upper right hand corner of this board.

vrsfanatic: I've done that too!


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