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Hello from Arizona

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This is such a terrific website -- one that I am so delighted to have stumbled upon -- I was looking for information about a dancer who had left Arizona for Germany (Giselle Doepker) and found various reviews referencing her at Ballet Talk. I am a former dancer -- with one of the predecessors to Ballet Arizona. My husband and I have had Ballet Arizona season tickets for a dozen years. I also have two girls who dance. So looking forward to learning and sharing with all of you.

Arizona Native

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Well, it's our pleasure to have been stumbled upon! And I'm glad our posters helped you find Ms. Doepker's whereabouts.

Ib Andersen brought some BA dancers to New York for a lecture-demonstration about two years ago. I was very impressed with his ambitious plans for the company. Keep us posted on what you see. Helene visits BA to see each of their programs when she can, but I'm sure she'll be happy to have someone she can exchange views with.

You may find other forums of interest, and if you haven't yet stumbled over BalletTalk for Dancers, our sister site, you may find it worth a visit. We're the audience site, they're the practitioners' site. The Parents' forums in the Special Groups section may be of special interest. As someone who's been on both sides -- the parent and the dancer -- you'll have many special insights to contribute, I'm sure.

Welcome to BalletTalk! :dry:

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