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Hi, Everyone - Newbie (to BalletTalk)

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Hi, everyone -

We're newbies here. I'm a teacher and choreographer based in Atlanta. I trained in Houston and at Atlanta Ballet, and danced with Atlanta and Charleston Ballet. I teach very-full-time and choreograph, mostly for SERBA companies - but I set a piece on the professional Georgia Ballet this spring. My husband danced years ago - training mostly with Ann Brodie at Columbia City Ballet, and danced with Atlanta Ballet, Indianapolis Ballet and with pick-up companies in NY (he had an injury that stopped his career at 21).

We're looking forward to getting to know the other dance people here - the forums look great. It's wonderful to be able to communicate so easily with dancers from all over the rest of the country and world.

Happy Sunday, all -

~ Kristy Nilsson

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Hello again, Kristy and Scott. I'm the "The Welcome Lady" on both of Ballet Talks' sites. You'll enjoy both our sites; this one is for ballet fans and has an entirely different flavor than Ballet Talk for Dancers. Hope you'll contribute to discussions on both boards.


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We'll be happy to post on both, thank you. And thank you for better-defining the difference between the two sites, it's very helpful. I had just spent a few minutes verifying that they were, in fact, different sites - it makes a lot more sense now. I'm preparing a post for the teaching forum on the other site (and know not to post it here now, thank you!).

Wishing you a great Sunday night and week -


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