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57 Bolshoi ballet Paul Czinner movie

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as you may have found the commercial release of this film was marketed as THE BOLSHOI BALLET: ULANOVA but that this vhs tape is now unavailable.

i guess it might pay to keep searching for the is title, either on amazon, on the chance that it gets re-released or on places like ebay, etc. to see if someone sellings a used copy.

if you get one you might find it's possible to transfer it for yourself to dvd.

i just located my VAI cassette, it was called: GALINA ULANOVA IN PAUL CZINNER'S THE BOLSHOI BALLET - perhaps you keep searching for this wording as a title. or go on VAI's website and see if there is anywhere to send a query to learn of any plans for future release: vaimusic.com, i think.

maybe other know more information, perhaps it's available in europe.

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