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Gosh, I haven't posted here in such a long time! I logged on last week and was happy to find that I'm still a member here. I joined way back in November 2000.

Anyway...I live near the Salt Lake City area. Ballet West is very near by. Lots of Balanchine in their rep...yes!! :speechless-smiley-003::blink:

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Glad you've found your way back, Yvonne! Members who have posted remain in good standing, even if they drop out of sight for long periods. But please don't do it again. :blink:

We don't hear enough about Ballet West. I hope you'll keep us posted on their programs. I'm sure there are others beside me who are especially keen to hear about the Balanchine works! And if tours stop in Salt Lake City, we'd love to hear about them, too!

Thanks for checking back in. :speechless-smiley-003:

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