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Greetings from DC

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Hello, my wife and I, born and raised in New York City, have been dance-rejuvinated from our discovery of the choreography of Jiri Kylian. By accident we recently intercepted an excerpt from the "Black and White Ballets" aired on our Classics cable-TV channel. Picking up a DVD copy we watched it once before we decided to buy a bunch more to give as gifts.

We have a 7-ft diagonal front projection screen and the staging, photography, and lighting of these 6 ballets is just spectacular. Kylian's dance flow and movement combinations are both exquisite and facinatingly intricate. We also bought and liked his "Kaguyahime- The Moon Princess".

Any recommendations for DVD's or 2007-USA performances showing the work of other challanging choreographers?

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Hi, bnjweber, and welcome to BalletTalk. :smilie_mondieu:

We have a whole forum dedicated to DVDs and videotapes, and you'll probably find a few good suggestions there. If you're looking for more along the lines of the Kylian, there may not be very much. He is a contemporary choreographer, and the emphasis here is on classical ballet.

But by all means if you see something that piques your interest, feel free to ask, or make some suggestions of your own!

Glad you found your way here.

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