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Happy to be here !!

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Hello, Im very happy to have discovered this great website devoted to the world of ballet. I am a former professional ballet dancer who left the ballet world due to a sustained back injury. I went back to college and received my undergraduate degree in psychology and then went on to receive a MS in Dance/ Movement Therapy from the Pratt Institute in New York. I love the work in which I do as a Dance Therapist and find the work to be imensely gratifying just as much as my days spent in a studio and on the stage. I look forward to contributing to the discussions here and will spread the word pertaining to Ballet Talk to my colleagues as well. Thank You....

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And thank you, DanceTherapist! :wub:

You certainly bring a range of perspectives to matters balletic, and if the past several minutes are any indication, your active participation will be a welcome contribution to our discussions!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, DanceTherapist. How wonderful that you turned your dancing career into a career of helping dancers; I can see why your work is so satisfying for you. We hope you enjoy sharing in our discussions; the topics cover just about every aspect of ballet.


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