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Dear all,

Before I introduce myself I would like to simply express my respect and reverence to you all and your professional and interesting discussions!

I actually discovered ballet about 5 years ago. When I was about 4 years old, I went to ballet classes as all other little girls did. Somehow, I chose to do badminton, following my brother and left the artistic world of ballet behind. I was always intrigued by ballet, but never had the chance to know it better.

I became good friends with a budding ballerina in high school, and one day she showed my the ABT Now DVD and it all began at that moment. The pointe shoes, the drama, the costumes, the art... I was amazed. I started taking adult classes, I started surfing on the net about ballet, I went to see Mayerling with the Royal Ballet, only managing to get the sit in the Amphitheatre, being a poor foreign student, zillion miles away from the stage, but I felt the buzz.

I have got the worst body type for a ballerina. But I enjoy doing weekly adult classes at my university and fantasising about me being a ballerina every once and a while (too often, some may argue) Going to the Royal Opera House as if I am entering my shrine, getting extremely excited as I discover more and more about the ballet world.

This website is heaven for me. So much information, so much discussion, and so much intellect and passion! I thank those who set up and participate in this website and I look forward to you all correcting my misconceptions about ballet or enlightening me in the future!

Thank you!

Yours faithfully,

Sarita Chan

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, Sarita; and thank you for your lovely compliments and the wonderful introduction. You obviously love ballet, and you are with a group of people who share that love. As a ballet student you might also enjoy our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers; you can access it by clicking on to "BT for Dancers" at the upper right hand corner of this page. That site is for dance students, and it contains a forum for Adult Students which you should find interesting. We hope you'll share in our discussions on both sites.


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Welcome, saritachan. Although I'm many decades older than you, I very much identify with your excitement at having found Ballet Talk -- where so many aspects of the art are discussed, from so many points of view.

I just read your fascinating topic regarding possible sources of new story ballets in the western world. I hope (likeyou) that we'll get many responses to that from all the places where BT people enjoy and think about ballet. Here's the link, for those who might have missed it:


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