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Ruzimatov In Helsinki - 'martin Luther' Ballet

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According to the following short article from Russia's RIA-Novosti news agency, from March 27 '06....


...Kirov principal Farukh Ruzimatov is preparing to dance the title role in a new, full-evening-length ballet titled Martin Luther, about the life of the Christian reformation leader. The ballet will be presented in Helsinki's main opera house, the Alexandrinsky, as part of an "International Day of the Theater" festival that will also include the Kirov Opera troupe in The Legend of Tsar Tsaltan, on April 12.

The ballet is an independent production (not 'Kirov Ballet') featuring stars from various Russian troupes, e.g., the main female role -- "Angel of Light" -- will be danced by the Bolshoi's Irina Surneva. The "Angel of Darkness" will be the Stanislavsky Ballet's Anton Domashev.

The article does not mention choreographer or composer. I'll post anything else that I may read about this intriguing enterprise.

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