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Tbilisi Opera Ballet

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Nina's company has had another success as it presented its second Balanchine program. It would seem to be time to list the company under European Ballet Companies, especially given the interest in its ballet master Nina Ananiashvili. Their presentation of their native son's work also, I think, is of interest.

The company has been referred to under various names, all involving the word Georgian in the title. But there is another company with essentially the same name. So I have taken the unambiguous name used in the following review. Here are excerpts from a review, courtesy of The Georgian Times, of the company's second Balanchine program (set on the company by Bart Cook and Maria Calegari):

Balanchine Masterpieces Premiered in Opera

‘Georgian dancers bring a lot of beauty, heart, soul to their work’. – Maria Calegari.

Operagoers got a treat on Saturday as the new Balanchine program of  ‘Chaconne’, ‘Donizetti Variations’ and ‘Mozartiana’ premiered at the Tbilisi Opera House. . . .

The ballet was choreographed Cook and Calegari, who have been working with the Tbilisi Opera ballet company for the past six weeks.

I caught Maria Calegari after the premiere behind the scene and she commented, ‘This is our second premiere. It was much better, much easier this time. Compared to other companies the Georgian dance company is really top-quality, and they gave a very good-performance. My husband and I could not be happier. There is a lot of beauty in the Georgian dancers. They bring a lot of heart and soul to their work and that distinguished them. And the technique is very good; this is first class, something that Georgia should be proud of right now. Nina [Ananiashvili] has done wonders’.

Nina Ananiashvili, ballet master at the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet theatre, was also happy with the performance: ‘Mozartiana was one of the last works dedicated to Tchaikovsky. This is very difficult to perform, but there is no limit to the performance. You need to keep improving all the time. We [dancers] have no endpoint - we cannot finish. But what our dancers showed today was really top quality’...

To read the entire review:


It would seem that Mozartiana, especially, was a success. No surprise, since Nina was coached in the role by Suzanne Farrell.

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Nina's own performance in Mozartiana was one of her best -- especially for a new role.

A beautiful and ambitious program.

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