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Peter Boal & Company in Santa Fe

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From "the next stage", the newsletter of the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe NM (yes, it is part of the US) the following:"Peter Boal & Company (Oct 21 & 22) - Peter Boal recently retired as a Principal Dancer with the New York City Ballet. While also maintaining full-time faculty member responsibilities at the School of American Ballet, he founded and directed "Peter Boal and Company", a group of NYCB dancers that commissioned new choreography and revivals. Having premiered in March 2004 (*) the group also performed at the Joyce Theater in Manhattan, Jacob's Pillow in Becket, Massachusetts and the Biennale in Venice Italy. Peter Boal & Company includes four Principal Dancers from NYCB and two from the Pacific Northwest Ballet, the company for which Mr. Boal was recently appointed the Artistic Director."

(* - I thought it was 2003)

I called the theater management to ask if PB himself was dancing and was told that he was.

October 21 & 22 are Friday & Saturday respectively. If/when I learn the program, I will post it.

Worth a trip just to see him one more time

It's also a beautiful time of year in northern NM, shivering aspens, phenomenal sunsets, oh, I could go on ...

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Oooooooohh. So tempting!

Mostly, every mention that Peter is to perform (as Helene posted regarding PNB's Opening Night), gives me hope that I might not have seen him for the last time.

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I'm curious about the event -- it's not listed on the theater's website. Do you know what they're doing, and how long they'll be in the area?

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I'm curious about the event -- it's not listed on the theater's website.  Do you know what they're doing, and how long they'll be in the area?

Just went to the website & did a search & you are absolutely correct, no listing. Curious.

Now, granted, this is the Land of Manana, but if it's in the newsletter it should be on the website, right?

I'll go by the theater this week & see what I can find out & will post it.

As far as how long before the performances the company will be here, it depends on where/when they will be before Santa Fe, I would think, but I would guess they would need a couple of days to get used to the high altitude (7000' feet above sea level). If they are appearing in Denver (only a mile high) or another Rocky Mountain city, they would need less acclimation time.

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I spoke with the Director of Marketing at the Lensic today & was told the performances are definite & they were firming up start times & ticket prices today. He thanked me for pointing out that the web calendar wasn't up to date & said it would be shortly.

So .. I just took a look at the website & they only have the Saturday performance listed thus far.

This does not mean there is not a Friday performance.

This sort of confusion & inefficiency is endemic in northern NM. One either goes with the flow or goes mad.

After a while, it becomes quite enjoyable .. most of the time.

I have inquired as to dancers' names & program(s). If such becomes available, I will post it.

Viva la Fiesta!

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Due to my total ineptitude at cutting & pasting, I am posting the content of an e-mail received today from the Director of Marketing at the Lensic Performing Arts Center in Santa Fe NM

He begins by mentioned "technical difficulties" with the website & goes on to give the following information:

"Peter Boal and Company

Friday October 21 & Saturday October 22

7 PM Tickets $25 - 55

The dancers are:

Peter Boal

Albert Evans (NYCB)

Le Yin (PNB)

Carla Korbes (NYCB) - I gave him correct info on this

Louise Nadeau (PNB)

Wendy Whelan (NYCB)


Twyla Tharp: Pergolesi

Balanchine: Pavane; Tchai Pas

Forsythe: Herman Schmerman

Dove: Red Angels"

This will all be posted on the website when it recovers from whatever ails it.

A press release is promised.

I forwarded a copy of my e-mail to the moderator to ensure proper procedure re this sort of information.

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