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Ballet company forums added

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From time to time we check the American and European company forums and make new forums if there are enough posts about a company in the general forum to warrant it.

Over the weekend I added company forums for:

Texas Ballet Theater

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Ballet Internationale

Ballet Florida

Oakland Ballet

Carolina Ballet

We don't have very many posts in Oakland or Carolina yet, but they're important companies and should be on the list.

In Europe, I added:

Northern Ballet Theatre

Ballet de Bordeaux

Ballet National de Marseilles

Ballet de Toulouse

Paris Conservatoire

The forums are ordered by number of posts, partly because the most popular companies aren't always at the top of the alphabet (and thus would be harder to find if we listed them alphabetically) and partly because I'd hope, like soccer fans, you'd see the competitive advantage of posting in YOUR company forum. Go Flanders!! You're in the top 7, beating Munich, Dutch National and Eifman!

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Great idea. I hope it encourages interest from all (not just locals) in these often interesting, often excellent companies, all of which contribute to the survival of the art. Thanks.

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