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Questions about POB's tour

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Just now I visited the website of M.Legris and read the page of ‘Actualité’. As my French is poor…I’m afraid that I will mistake the information. So…I’d like to know whether POB will tour China in September.

I’d be very appreciative of your reply. Thanks!

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You were right, Agnes, the POB will indeed tour China in September (Pekin & Shanghai)

As far as I know, they will be doing Giselle, Suite en blanc (Lifar), L'arlésienne (Petit) et Bolero (Béjart) in Pekin, and only L'arlésienne et Boléro in Shanghai (but it does seem rather short, there might be other things).

Manuel Legris is supposed to dance L'Arlésienne with Clairemarie Osta on September 16th et 17th in Pekin, and with Isabelle Ciaravola on September 22nd and 23rd in Shanghai. I'm afraid I don't know the other dates.

Besides, according to the French site Dansomanie, are scheduled to dance :

Dupont/Letestu, Bart/Martinez and Cozette/Romberg (as Myrtha) - in Giselle

Daniel, Letestu, Dupont, Martinez, Bart - in Suite en blanc

Gillot - in Boléro

There are more details on Dansomanie.

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Hi AgnesY, and welcome to Ballet Talk !

A POB tour to China is indeed announced on Manuel Legris' website: he'll perform in Pékin (Beijing) on Sept 16-17 ("L'Arlésienne" with Clairemarie Osta) and in Shanghai on Sept 22-23 ("L'Arlésienne" with Isabelle Ciaravola).

It's a bit difficult to find some detailed information about that tour. One page on the site of the French minister of Culture says that the program in Beijing will include Lifar's "Suite en Blanc" (which hasn't been performed in Paris for a while), Petit's "L'Arlésienne" and Béjart's "Boléro", while another page lists "Giselle" instead of "Suite en Blanc". The theaters are listed as "Grand Hall du Peuple" in Beijing (Sept 16-17) and "Grand théâtre de Shanghai" in Shanghai (Sept 22-25).

I hope this helps !

[Oops, my post was written at the same time as Azulynn's].

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Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the detailed information! I can’t believe the company will tour China!!!(it seems that POB dancers always perform in Japan…)

But I’d be overjoyed if the company toured Hong Kong…it appears that POB does not perform in HK for a long time…

Anyway, I’m really excited about the news!!! I wish that I could go to China as I have never watched a ballet of POB in a theatre.


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