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Why This New Forum?

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We've developed this new forum to capture your attention about site matters. We've called it "Homeroom," because, as our US and Canadian members know, it is the short period in school where annoucements are made to the entire student body, usually over the intercom. (Maybe I'm dating myself here :yahoo:)

We're also going to be doing a lot of housekeeping this summer, renaming forums, creating new ones, consolidating rules and policies, and adding more information about using the site for new members, with refreshers for our long-term members. And we want you to know about them, so there aren't any surprises.

We can't yell into a loudspeaker when you get in in the morning, but we ask that when you come into the site, you glance at the date in the Last Post Info column on the far right. If the forum has a post since the last time you've been in, please click on the All Members link and read through the threads that are marked "unread" (the little orange box to the left of the thread.)

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