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What to See in Holland and Belgium

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In the thread about the EBU Ballet Competition, Pamela Moberg wrote:

DD is soon going to Holland to study law and that is a country close to just about everything - Brussels - Paris - Germany. Off topic here, but I have a question for

European posters. DD asked me what performances one could see in Holland, or Brussels for that matter. 

She is not interested in modern, only classical.

From the schedule on the Het Nationale Ballet website, she will be able to see a number of Balanchine ballets, two Robbins ballets, and a Wheeldon ballet (Continuum). There will be pieces by Hans van Manen, Rudi van Danzig, and five choreographers whose work I haven't seen: David Dawson, Martin Schläpfer, Krzysztof Pastor, Toer van Schayk, and Ted Brandsen.

There will be a production of Swan Lake by "Rudi van Dantzig, after Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, in collaboration with Toer van Schayk." However, according to the website, "In his choreography, Van Dantzig has retained the surviving parts of Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov's original ballet of 1895, in particular the second 'white act' and the spectacular Black Swan pas de deux with its 32 fouettés. The newly choreographed sections, however, have a searing emotional charge. And with his imposing set and costume designs inspired by seventeenth-century Dutch masters, Toer van Schayk contributed in no uncertain way to the overwhelming success of this Swan Lake."

Here is the link to the website:


The schedule for the Royal Ballet of Flanders is posted on this thread:


Looks like a lot of ballet, with the possible exception of "Uncontainable, April 20: project for young up-and-coming choreographers."

The schedule for 2005-6 at La Monnaie in Brussels shows three days of performances by the Bolshoi next February (19-21): two of Giselle and one of an excepts Gala. The rest of the season is booked with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's company "Rosas" (modern) and Tanztheater Wuppertal.


Does anyone know of any other companies in or planning to visit Holland or Belgium, or anything about the choreographers whose works will be performed by Het Nationale Ballet?

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Wow. Great job, Helene. These links are wonderful to have in my Favorite Places.

Also, there's a lot of recent information from posters on the most recent Ballet Talk thread for the Royal Ballet of Flanders -- about the 2005-06 program and the Belgian dance world generally.

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Please add : "DANCE FOR LIFE" Sunday 22 January 2006, Brussels

4th edition -if I'm not mistaken- and if the casting is as overwhelming as this year : AN ABSOLUTE MUST :tiphat: A matinee in 'Het Koninklijk circus'. More info nearer the time or check yourself :


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Helene, Bart and Viviane,

Thankyou so much for that wealth of information! DD sends her regards and thanks as well.

She will be leaving on Friday for a crash course in Dutch. But as this is some kind of European Union exchange, lectures will be in English. Schedule looks a bit tough, but she hopes to see some performances at least so she can report to me.

And as I told her, studies first, then fun and games!

But what a pity, she will miss the Bolshoi, as she will be back in Sweden just before Christmas.

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