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Promotions and new arrivals

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From www.sfballet.org, here are the latest roster updates for the following season:


Frances Chung, Soloist

Moises Martin, Soloist

Hansuke Yamamoto, Soloist

New Company Members/Level

Tiit Helimets, Principal

Davit Karapetyan, Principal

Andrea McGinnis, Corps de Ballet

Shannon Roberts, Corps de Ballet

Lily Rogers, Corps de Ballet

Danielle Santos, Corps de Ballet

New Apprentices/Training

Daniel Deivison, San Francisco Ballet School

Jennifer Stahl, San Francisco Ballet School

Quinn Wharton, San Francisco Ballet School

Congratulations to all, and best wishes for success in the season(s) to come! :tiphat:

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Wonderful news that Tit Helimets (formerly Birmingham Royal Ballet) will be joining SFB. Does anyone know what his wife Molly Smolen will be doing?

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