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Moscow Int'l Ballet Competition reports

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For the record:

In Post #47 I neglected to mention that in the Third Junior round,

Vorontsova also danced a pdd, Nutcracker Act II, with a non-competing partner.

Congratulations to all of them!

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Thanks, chiapuris. We look forward to your report on the seniors/round 3.

Do you know if the choreography prizes will be announced concurrently with those of the senior dancers?


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Thank you so much for the reports and fast information !

Congratulation to everybody taking part in this competition and especially to the winners Ivan Vasiliev and Zherlin Ndudi :)

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Round 3 Senior Division, 6-29-05

The results for the Senior division were to be announced at the theatre around 12:30 am, about half an hour ago. We were having dinner, so I don't know the results.

My choices as top contenders are:

Ekaterina Krysanova

Eugenia Obraztsova

Natalia Osipova

Anastasia Matvienko

Irina Kolesnikova

Sun Xin

Natalia Domrayeva

Ekaterina Borchenko

Denis Matvienko

Yaroslav Salenko

Victor Ischuk

Tabyldy Doszhan

Ivan Koslov

Zhiwei Wang

The biggest, longest applause of the evening belonged to Denis and Anastasia Matvienko in the Corsaire Act II pas de deux. The adagio was gorgeous, with beautiful supported pirouettes. Their variations were outstanding- they had it all. The applause for his variation was thunderous.

Obraztsova danced the Bournonville 'Festival…' variation to no great applause, but her Sleeping Beauty Act III variation was well applauded. I thought she danced both of them


Osipova in the DQ pdd , made of the variation a very exciting dance. In the coda she started out with a series of double fouettes and then a series of singles with a perfect finish. Just before the end of the coda she came way off balance in an arabesque but it wasn't clear whether it was an error of the partner or not.

Krysanova also finished the evening's program with a DQ pdd. She danced with great zest and a beautiful clarity of line. Her non-competing partner did not always give her the best support.

Yaroslav Salenko seem to 'nail' his Corsaire variation; in his first variation, DQ, he performed double tours ending in arabesque, but alternating sides: one right, the next left,

the next right… Outstanding dancing.

Domrayeva and Ischuk were another couple who were sensational in a DQ pdd.

Tomorrow the first gala.

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Thank you for the splendid review of the seniors. It made me feel as if I was watching along with you.


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My thanks, too, Chiapuris--

you make it present, I'm quite excited....

I'm pulling fr Krysanova, but the Matvienko duo seems to have had God on their side that night...... It's wonderful when BOTH dancers are really on. Wish I'd seen that, it sounds so fully realized.

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Here are the results for the seniors as they were reported that night at http://forum.balet.ru/viewtopic.php?p=10213#10213 .

Grand prix – Denis Matvienko (Ukraine)



1. Matvienko Anastasia (Ukraine)

2. Domracheva Natalia (Russia, works in Kiev) and Krysanova Ekaterina (Russia, Bolshoi)

3. Osipova Natalia (Russia, Bolshoi)


1. Obraztsova Evgenia (Russia, Mariinsky)

2. Dronina Jourghita (Lithuania)

3. Matsak Natalia (Ukraine)



1. Ishchuk Victor (Ukraine)

2. Kozlov Ivan (Ukraine) and Wang Zhiwei (China)

3. not attributed


1. Salenko Yaroslav (Ukraine)

2. Tabyldy Doszhan (Kazakhstan)

3. no candidates

Andrei Pisarev from Ukraine who danced in the group of men soloists was injured at the rehearsal 15 minutes before the beginning of the competition and did not participate.

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Does anyone know which troupe/school Christina Shevchenko is a part of?

I wonder where Anastasia Matvienko performs -- is she Denis's wife or sister? Thanks.

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Christine is a ballet student and will be 17 in September. She mainly takes private lessons with a number of teachers (mostly of Russian background) and also takes class at the Rock School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as well as at a number of other schools in the Philadelphia area.

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Thank you for the results & link, Mikhail!

A GRAND DAY FOR THE KIROV-MARIINSKY!!! Gorgeous Evgenia Obrastsova won the sr. ladies GOLD medal!!! Welcome to Washington, DC, next week, Evgenia!


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Thank you for that information, chezdancer, and welcome to BalletTalk!

This link will take you to our Welcome Page. Please stop by and tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement with ballet. :sweatingbullets:

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Gala performance of Laureates 6/30/05 [small stage Bolshoi]


Variation 'Esmeralda'

Choreo. N. Beriosov

Maria Vinogradova

Variation 'Flames of Paris'

Choreo. V. Vainonen

Zherlin Ndudi

Variation 'Festival..'

Choreo. A. Bournonville

Natalia Vorontsova

Variation 'Don Quixote'

Choreo. A. Gorsky

Christina Shevchenko

Variation 'Esmeralda'

Choreo. A. Vaganova

Ivan Vasiliev

Grand Pas Classique pdd

Choreo. V. Gsovsky

Chinara Alizade

[Abdul Karim]


Choreo. P.Lacotte

Jourgita Dromina

Variation 'Giselle'

Choreo. M. Petipa

Ivan Kozlov

Contemporary pdd

Choreo. Sun Xin & Ron Tao

[sun Xin] Zhiwei Wang

Variation 'Bayadere'

Choreo. M Petipa

Doszhan Tabyldy

Contemporary pdd

Choreo. A. Melanbin

Ekaterina Krysanova

[Andrei Melanbin]

'Tarantella' pdd

Choreo. G. Balanchine

Natalia Domrayeva &

Victor Ischuk

Variation 'Tchaikovsky pdd'

Choreo. G. Balanchine

Evgenia Obraztsova

Contemporary variation

Choreo. S. Bondour

Yaroslav Salenko

'Corsaire' pdd

Choreo. M. Petipa

Anastasia Matvienko &

Denis Matvienko

The gala opened with all the dancers of the third round plus others who received special

awards, the jury, other presenters of special prizes, onstage to receive their medals as well as for the non-medalists to receive their diplomas. Natalia Osipova, received a large number of special awards or prizes.

Before the end of the ceremonies, George Zoritch, a dancer of some time ago, (Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, Ballet Marquis de Cuevas, among other companies), was brought onstage to make some comments to the young dancers. He spoke in Russian, so I can't report on what he said.

The gala was a solid confirmation of the merits and abilities of the medalists, and since not all of them danced, tomorrow's gala on the large stage, seems like a welcome continuation of tonight's program.

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Competition Gala at the Bolshoi Theatre, 7-01-05

Tonight's final night of the Xth Int'l Ballet Competition was also the final night for

performances at the big theater before it is closed for renovations, for at least three years.

Performances will continue in the New Hall, a smaller stage on the one side of the

Bolshoi, where the ballet competitions were held.

The evening repeated yesterday's program at the New Hall with additional medalists

who did not perform in the first gala. The added medalists tonight were Natalia Osipova,

Anna Tikhomirova, Marina Bourtseva, Matthias Dingman, and Isaac Hernandez.

The Matvienkos, moreover, added their 2nd round contemporary dance, called Radio and Juliet.

Osipova also danced her contemporary piece, called Liturgy; it was well received.

Hernandez, too, performed his contemporary dance. Bourtseva and Dingman danced

their classical variations: pas de trois variation from Swan Lake for her, Coppelia variation for him. Anna Tikhomirova danced DQ variation.

The best received pieces were Chinara Alizade's Grand Pas with Karim Abdullin,

Domrayeva's and Ischuk's Tarantella, and Krysanova's dancing with Bolshoi soloist Alexander Vorobiev (in her first contemporary duet to a Piazzolla tango). I believe she received the warmest applause from the audience.

Of course, other than that given to the Matvienkos. The evening was theirs.

The theater was chockful of cameramen recording every minute of the gala.

All medalists were called to the stage for a final bow and to end a glorious evening of dance.

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Thank you for your wonderful detailed coverage of the galas. It was exciting just to read along.

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