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New Book -- The Politics of Dance Preservation

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A new book from Dance Books -- and right in the line of one of our continuing discussions!

Dance Books is pleased to announce publication of "Preservation Politics", the proceedings of the 1997 University of Surrey Roehampton conference, edited by Stephanie Jordan.


SUBTITLE: Dance Revived, Reconstructed, Remade

ISBN: 1 85273 079 X


EDITOR: Stephanie Jordan

PUBLISHER: Dance Books Ltd



SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback 264 pages 238 x 165mm

2 colour cover


Proceedings of the Conference at the University of Surrey Roehampton November 8-9, 1997

Strong signals from both the profession and dance scholars prompted Preservation Politics, the first major European conference to examine our relationship to past dances and dance styles.

Dance is now clearly wanting more of a past. Reconstruction is increasingly seen as a political manoeuvre, to establish a power base for cultural identity as well as for the art itself. The radical reworking of heritage to make it new is a compelling theme for many of today's choreographers and the reconstruction of lost work has burgeoned into a major enterprise.

These Proceedings reflect the breadth of participants in the Roehampton conference: choreographers, scholars, dancers, rehearsal directors, critics, notators, as well as representatives from the other arts, all engaged in one of the most important artistic debates of our times.

Contributors include: Matthew Bourne, Ramsay Burt, Kenneth Archer and Millicent Hodson, Ann Hutchinson Guest, Alastair Macaulay, Monica Mason and Nancy Reynolds.

Details and ordering facilities can be found at:


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