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Stephanie Jordan wins de la Torre Bueno Award

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Professor Stephanie Jordan, author of the Dance Books publication, has received a special

citation in the prestigious de la Torre Bueno Prize for 2001 for her book 'Moving Music -

dialogues with music in twentieth-century ballet', published by Dance Books.

The de la Torre Bueno prize is awarded annually for the most distinguished original book

of dance scholarship in English published during the previous calendar year, as determined

by a jury of experts in the field. This year's jury included James Neufeld, Gus Solomons

Jr., Allan Ulrich, Selma Jeanne Cohen, and Mary Ann Malkin.

The citation reads:

'Illuminating the origins of twentieth-century musical practice as it relates to dance,

Stephanie Jordan examines the work of the pedagogue Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, a host of early

modern dance pioneers, and the linking of major modern composers with the choreographers

of the Diaghilev Ballets Russes. Where most dance scholars merely cite the musicality of

the great choreographers, the author has instead analyzed the specific musical approaches

of George Balanchine, Frederick Ashton, and Antony Tudor, in particular, and

twentieth-century choreographers in general. Jordan has executed her task with close and

highly informed readings of the steps and scores that will stand as a model for future

inquires into their relationships.'

Professor Jordan is the 9th author to win an award from the de la Torre Bueno prize for a

book published by Dance Books. Previous Dance Books publications' authors are:

Jack Anderson: The One and Only: The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo

Alexandra Danilova: Choura

Knud Arne Jurgensen: The Bournonville Tradition (Lillian Moore Award)

Valerie Preston-Dunlop: Rudolf Laban: an extraordinary life

Richard Ralph: The Life and Works of John Weaver

Suki Schorer: Suki Schorer on Balanchine Technique

Elizabeth Souritz: Soviet Choreographers in the 1920s

David Vaughan: Frederick Ashton and his Ballets

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