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Attention DanceView Subscribers

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You all may have read that we're having Postal Problems in D.C. I mailed out most of the DanceView subscriptions that require envelopes (renewals, writers' copies, libraries) on Monday. That was the day, apparently, when mail was frozen here, at least in the Affected Zip Codes, of which I am one. No mail has come in all week! I'm guessing no mail was processed out, either.

I'm not going to even try to mail the rest of the issues until things have settled down here, and just wanted to alert you to that. If someone you know has gotten his/her issue and you haven't -- it's not a deliberate slight!

The new issue (Autumn) contains:

A review of ABT's spring Met season by Lynn Garafola

A review of NYCB's spring season by Mary Cargill

A review of the Royal Ballet in D.C. by me

A review of the Kirov in Versailles by Marc Haegeman

An analysis of Sylvie Guillem's "Giselle" by Isobel Houghton

How do you Get to be a Wili? by Jane Simpson (suggested by the discussions we had here on the same topic)

The New York, London and San Francisco reports (the latter has Rita Felciano's review of the not-premiere of Mark Morris's new "V")

A very brief interview with two D.C. modern dancers on what they did September 11th (by me)

So it's a good issue -- hope you get to read it some day smile.gif

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Werll, I got mine here in the hinterlands a couple of days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it....

You can't mean to tell me that we are AHEAD of something here in Annapolis! wink.gif

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Juliet, I can't tell you how grateful I am you posted this. I mailed the renewals/libraries on Monday, which was the day they realized that the anthrax problem in the post offices was quite serious. There has been a rumor all week that they were going to burn or otherwise destroy all mail that was then in the system. ($300 of postage, 150 issues -- I don't have enough to replace them, so it would have to be reprinted!!!!!)

I can sleep now. Thank you!!!!!

To subscribers whose issues were not up for renewal: I will not mail these out until the all clear sounds here. There's no point in putting them in the mail to sit in a warehouse -- and perhaps end up in an incinerator. I'll post when that is. Apologies to all who are affected by this.

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