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RBSchool Grad Students in New York

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Well, I ended up going to see the RBS performance last night! I think I expected too much from the kids, and I left somewhat disappointed, feeling like I had seen a recital.I felt the dancing was strained, with awkward transitions from the dancers, lacking rehearsal, and stage presence. I will only mention the highlights of the evening (in my opinion), which was La Fille Mal Garde performed by Joseph Caley and a technically brilliant Japanese student--don't have my program in front of me- sorry! However, the RBS kids are still very young have so much potential. I hope to see them perform again in their future companies!!

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I saw the Saturday Matinee.

The program:

The Eyes That Gently Touch

Philip Glass/Kirk Peterson/Peterson & Gail Fresia

Fanny Elssler pdd from La Fille Mal Gardee

Herold-Lanchbery/Frederick Ashton

Raymonda, Act III excerpts


Uneven Ground

Mercedes Sosa/Paul Boyd

Monotones II


Piano Concerto #2


Overall impression: This group of "Graduate Students," aged 17-18, showed some of the characteristics we associate with the RB, namely charm and beautiful epaulement. Unfortunately, they do not seem to have reached the level of technique we're accustomed to seeing at SAB Workshops or in ABT Studio Co. performances. There was quite a bit of fidgeting throughout the company. In Raymonda (which exposed the dancers' weaknesses mercilessly), we saw dancers repositioning the hand-on-hip when the moment should have been still; imperfect 5th positions of the feet were "fixed" between steps. These habits need attention. Of course, ideally the dancers would hit the right position in the first place, but if they don't, they should learn to stay as is and not draw more attention to their mistakes.

It was a very good program, except for Robert Hill's Piano Cto. #2, which showed some progress over his earlier choregraphies, but not enough. The progress was his repeat of the opening phrases of the ballet at the end, so at least there was a tying together. Other than that, it was just steps.

I loved the deep red costumes for Raymonda.

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