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Finally "arrived"...

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A short note on last Friday's performance, particularly for those who know Lucia Laccara and Cyril Pierre (and of course for all fans of Alen Bottaini!):

It was a big success with lots of applause - especially for the three dancers in the leads.

Lucia Laccara looked very young and fragile (she is extremely thin which adds to this impression) and got into the role completely. Still, sometimes for my personal taste she tends to exaggerate - but I assume that's the freedom of Cranko's choreography which does not dictate every single port de bras like others do, so this is her personal style. She touched me and the audience in her interpretation, especially when rejected from her parents - but this scene never fails to move me anyway... :wink:

Cyril Pierre was a good partner and seemed to enjoy the role (more than the pure bravoura ones) - though at times I wished he would be more expressive... He seems to be used to take himself back to let his wife shine, but this is not what I am after in "Romeo" - this is no "Sleeping Beauty"!

Alen Bottaini was Mercutio - had not seen him in this role for quite a while, and as always and in whatever role he dances, he made it his own completely. In the street dance he was the only one who looked totally comfortable with the double tours en l'air (Benvolio was Erkan Kurt - not much to say about him yet), and his death was very tragic - who would have expected anything else?

The corps de ballet seemed well rehearsed - for a lot of the dancers this was new, although the ballet is so well known - and again, I was thrilled to discover new details (like I always do in Cranko ballets).

Next interesting cast will be 18 October with Lisa-Maree Cullum as Juliet and Alen Bottaini and Cyril Pierre swapping roles as Romeo and Mercutio.

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