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Stanley Holden, Tina LeBlanc and Jordi Ribera guest starred in this production of Coppelia presented by Inland Pacific Ballet. I could find little info about Inland Pacific Ballet other than it's an academy for students from pre-ballet through professional. Those who danced seemed rather advanced, and several of the larger roles were danced by teachers. Kelly Lamoureux in particular stood out.

Stanley Holden as Dr. Coppelius was a little campy but his mime was wonderful. The ballet belongs to Swanilda, and tho the choreography wasn't earth shattering Tina LeBlanc was lovely. (Patricia Tomlinson will dance the role in Los Angeles this weekend.) Especially lovely was the Act III pdd which started with a veeeeery slow dance. These can grind to a boring stand-still if not done correctly but LeBlanc and Ribera were wonderful in keeping the movement continual and smooth. (Forgive me lack of ballet terms here.) At one point LeBlanc was in an arabesque; in one movement she brought the working leg through a side extension into a front extension, all at 90 degrees. Seeing that leg turn out as it went from arabesque to the side extension...for some reason that looked so beautiful to me and such a display of control. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Alexandra, I tried to be inconspicuous as I followed men during intermission and listened to what they were saying. Very few men to begin with, hard to hear them, and they weren't talking Coppelia. The clearest conversation involved the Rams and Seattle Sea Hawks.


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