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Clara 76   

Did anyone else see this show tonight??? It started at 8 and went until 11-amazing!!

I am still awed!

Act 1 began with Grand Pas Classique danced by Bridgett Zehr and Connor Walsh, courtesy of Houston Ballet.

These are 2 young people to watch!! She has gorgeous legs and feet, and with seasoning, Connor Walsh should become quite the dancer.

Next was Diane and Acteon Pas De Deux, danced by Sarah Lamb-courtesy of Royal Ballet, and Gennadi Saveliev-courtesy of ABT. WOW...WOW...WOW!!!

She has got legs of steel and he does things that are not possible. I kept looking for the wires because there's no way he could've done those leaps-it's not natural!!!!

The Balcony Pas from Cranko's R&J was next. It was danced so sweetly and genuinely by Sonia Rodriguez and Aleksander Antonijevic from National Ballet of Canada. I really believed that she was a teenager and that they were in love.

DTH was next with Kelleye A Saunders and Donald Williams doing an excerpt from St. Louis Woman: A Blues Ballet. They were, as usual, amazing. She is mesmerizing.

BalletMet came next with an excerpt from Colores De Alma, danced by Olivia Clark and Jimmy Orrante. I loved it but I'll leave any other comments to others, because I am slightly biased!!

Next came my new favorite couple- Agnes Oaks and Thomas Edur, courtesy of English National ballet. YOU MUST SEE THESE TWO DANCE!!!! They danced Impromptu which I would've thought was done by Balanchine it was so musical, but it was choreographed by Derek Dean. She is a gorgeous blond and he is very handsome. They must've been dancing together for awhile because their partnering was flawless. She is a fierce dancer with such attack and control and confidence. She really gets it-ballet is flight, and she personifies it. I could go on and on.

After that was a jazzy contemporary piece called Coleman Hawkins Pas De Deux, danced by Chiharu Shibata and Prince Credell. It was sexy and jazzy and very Fosse, danced exquisitely by these 2 from Alonzo King's LINES Ballet.

Le Corsaire Pas came after that, with Larissa Lezhnina courtesy of Dutch National Ballet, and Viacheslav Samodurov courtesy of Royal Ballet. They seemed a little nervous but danced respectably.

Stanton Welch's piece Wildlife set on BalletMet was the Act 1 closer. It is a very impressive piece and I was left with my mouth agape. The energy required to dance that piece is phenomenal, and BalletMet tore up the stage! (In my opinion but again I would like to hear from others as well)

Act 2 began with Prince Credell dancing Bach Solo from ROAD. He is like water baby!! Liquid, sparkling, fluidity-he reminds me of Fred Astaire, Baryshnikov, and Gregory Hines, rolled into one luscious body. Awesome. I would watch a whole evening of just him dancing...or walking...or probably even just sitting there!!

Next came the second best White Swan Pas that I've ever seen, danced by Sarah Lamb and Gennadi. I swear only Natalia Makarova was better. They were perfect.

DTH appeared again with Signs and Wonders danced by Kelleye and Donald. Incredible costuming and choreography. Danced to perfection again.

A humorous break came next with a lighthearted piece called Call It Off, choreographed by Harrison McEldowney for BalletMet, performed by Christine Mangia and her husband Justin Gibbs. It is danced entirely downstage within 2 stationary spotlights. It begins with an obviously upset wife pacing the stage waiting for her husband to show up. When he breathlessly arrives, she says, "Where have you been??". Justin then goes into a hysterical monologue filled with every kind of excuse that a husband might give a wife, while she dances a solo in her spotlight, giving off the impression that she has heard this all before.

When he is finally finished she starts in on him while he dances his solo. It had the audience rolling! The even funnier thing is that the dancers made up their own monologues. Christine and Justin are priceless in this piece.

Sonia and Aleksander danced Summer from Four Seasons, choreographed by James Kudelka. It was fresh and lively and highly watchable. Great amount of energy from these 2 and a great complement to their R&J.

Then Gennadi danced GOPAK. This made the audience spontaneously clap along as he danced amazing leap after amazing leap!!

The next piece was Herman Schmerman choreographed by William Forsythe and danced perfectly by Bridget Breiner and Christopher Roman. Breiner was courtesy of Stuttgart and Roman from Ballet Frankfurt. Fantastic choreography, intelligent movement and definitely cutting edge. Bridget even reminds me of a shorter Sylvie.

Larissa and Viacheslav danced In Light and Shadow next, in simple purple costuming. It was very nice and they seemed more at ease.

The finale was the Don Q Pas danced by Agnes and Thomas and YOU MUST SEE THESE TWO DANCE!!! Or did I already say that once! Absolute perfection. They are so strong and 'on' with every movement they make. Everything has a purpose and they are so connected to the dance as well as to each other. They are at that most amazing place that so few dancers reach where they are right in the moment, utilizing the energy that's given to them and improvising and creating right there on stage under the audience's collective nose. It's like there's so much joy spilling off the stage and you feel like even if the audience got up and left, they'd stiil keep dancing they love it that much. Her balances literally were in slow motion. It seemed like she was even able to slow down the pre-recorded music at her whim. Literally the best ballerina I've seen in a long time. Truly a gift to our art. Oh yeah-he was great too. So attentive and yet, brilliant in his own right.

I think I want to move to England and become and ENB groupie!!!!

The show moves to Cincinnati Saturday night and I highly recommend this performance. It is worth every penny.

Hope someone else can chime in here!!

Clara :)

:blushing: OOPS! I just did a search on this board and it seems that yes, Agnes and Thomas have indeed been dancing together for awhile-they are husband and wife! Still WOW.

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