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I have a video from "The Balanchine Library" released by Nonesuch Videos, which has the following :

Selections From "Jewels"


*Music by Gabriel Faure

Merrill Ashley, Gerald Ebitz, Bonita Borne, Daniel Duell, Heather Watts, Karin von Aroldingen, Sean Lavery


*Music by Tchaikovsky

Suzanne Farrell, Peter Martins

Stravinsky Violin Concerto

*Music by Stravinsky

Kay Mazzo, Karin von Aroldrigen, Peter Martins, Bart Cook

the SKU# on the back is 08536-40178-33

it was released in 1996

hope this helps..

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This seems a good place to put this - At the Museum of Television and Radio seminar on Balanchine and TV, Barbara Horgan said the Balanchine Trust was in discussions with the Kirov and POB on filming their recent productions of Jewels. She said they were talking with two companies in case one of the projects fell through. Of course, when it comes to ballet on video it is always and wait and see (usually a wait and wait and wait...).

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