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Daria Pavlenko

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The 'Daria Pavlenko' thread has been dormant for far too long (just like her website). Time to pick things up, as we're beginning to see a re-emergence of Pavlenko to the 'truly important' roles.

- JUST ANNOUNCED - her debut as Titania in Balanchine's Midsummer Night's Dream at the Mariinsky on October 27 (hoorah!)

http://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/2012/10/27/1_1130/ (What a night that should be, with Osmolkina's debut as the Act II PDD lead girl, Kondaurova as Hippolita, etc.)

- Two performances in the title role of Cinderella in the upcoming USA tour/Kennedy Center stop, following on the heels of her triumphant return to the USA last January, in Sheherazade and Chopiniana, also at the KC.

- Scheherazade at the Mariinsky on Oct 7, opposite Igor Kolb (oh, that's why she won't be in California....)

- Also, keep in mind that, although it was a 'low key affair,' she returned to the title role Giselle last November in a schools matinee (soft re-intro...), so that may also be 'coming soon to prime-time.'

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Glad to hear that she's dancing a bit more these days but when will they let her return to the classical canon?

When Plisetskaya danced Zarema on film, that role looked very classical to me, but it is not one of the recognized classics.

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Certainly Myrtha counts, and its a step in the right direction but its still a disappointment to see her cast as Myrtha when she's danced such a brilliant Giselle. I keep hoping that she'll regain her old rep - Nikya, O/O etc.

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