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Sylvia - Hit or Miss?

What did you think of Sylvia?  

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  1. 1. What did you think of Sylvia?

    • 1. Loved it! It's a hit!!
    • 2. Liked it, but I have quibbles.
    • 3. Liked some of it, but....
    • 4. Bored to tears
    • 5. Other

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Hey, there's no option for "couldn't get there and madly jealous of those who could." :green:

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Liked some of it but ...

I think I was a little disappointed mainly because I had hyped it up so much. But I did VERY MUCH enjoy Elizabeth Miner in the title role of Sylvia - and while she's still a member of the corps de ballet! She has a stunning stage presence and she was very confident throughout - remarkable.

There were parts I liked and parts that I was just "eh" about - the ensemble scenes seemed lacking; I feel like I've seen better from Morris. The interpretation of the music there was a little too literal, to the point of clunkiness while following the music. But I found the choreography for Sylvia in Act III as well as the pas de deux for Sylvia and Aminita in Act III to be very good, and I also enjoyed the dances for Sylvia and her entourage in Act I. Act II was amusing - but short.

So not bad, but not great either. Still, I remained disappointed, but probably because I had hyped it up so much in my mind.

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Art076, I sympathize. Nothing can kill a ballet so surely as raised expectations!

I have heard very different opinions from friends. Some absolutely loved it and think it's a breakthrough for Morris, and some found it thin choreographically, although some of the roles were very well-choreographed.

But Ari, I'm with you. I'd like to see this one.

I understand it's not scheduled for next season? That seems odd.

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beautiful music

gorgeous dancers

Ballet portions were exceptional, the true Morris peices were *OK*

The peasant dance in the first act made the dancers look fat, IMHO

The Tird act made me cry.

It blew me away, I was luck to be in SFO that week.

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