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Houston Ballet II

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Houston Ballet II, also known as Level 8 of the Ben Stevenson Academy, held their spring graduation performance Friday night, including

Excerpts from Don Quixote, Act III

Music by Alois Louis Minkus

Grand Pas de Deus, Brides Maids, Fandango - Choreography by Ben Stevenson

Captive/Support - choreography by Priscilla Nathan Murphy (music by Ibuki - Kodo drummers)

Swan Lane, Excerpts from Act III, choreography by Ben Stevenson after Marius Patipa and Lev Ivanov

Grand Pas de Deus, and Waltzes

Inspirations of the Soul - Three movements

Music by Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach

Choreography, Peter Zweifel (student)

A Time to Dance

Music by Antonin Dvorak

Choreography by Stanton Welch

A varied and exhilerating program - a great showcase of talent, excellence in training, artistry, lots of hard work! My personal faves were the three more contemporary pieces, but my seatmates were equally appreciative of the quality of dance in the others. Loved Stanton Welch's piece, and student Peter Zweifel's was incredible. :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the report!

I missed the HBA spring show, but I'm looking forward to this summer's American Festival for the Arts performance with choregraphy and dancing from students of the Academy and music compositions from the AFA students. I'm mostly there for the music because a couple of my friends are involved, but I'll be looking forward to see the dancers. Go orch dorks!

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I recently saw Houston Ballet II's spring show and it was absolutly stunning. I was very impressed with the dancers and the pieces.

Pricella Nathan Murphy's piece-Captive support - was incredible. All the dancers were barefoot and the audience went crazy. It was the best piece of the night- Peter Zweifel, Katie Scherman, Jessica Collado, and David Tyliae were stand outs. The lighting was very unique and overall I loved it.

Student Peter Zweifel's piece- Inspiration of the Soul- was another crowd pleaser and the choreography was so intense and moving -I loved it.

The last piece was Stanton Welch's piece- A Time to Dance- this was a fun piece- you could tell all of the dancers were enjoying themselves. There is 7 sections to this piece: a opening and a finale along with 2 pas de troix's, 1 solo, 7 guys, and a pas de duex. My favorites were the pas de duex-Peter Zweifel and Katie Scherman( it was so intimate and the too both had such chemistry and talent and Scherman was so delicate) and the first pas de troix- Connor Walsh, Sadie Black, and Emily Ramirez( it showed off great skill and talent on all three)

The whole night was impressive and the teaching staff must be incredible!

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Welcome to Ballet Alert!, Rosaline, and thanks for posting that. I'm thrilled to have another Houston Ballet follower -- we don't hear enough about this company, so I hope we'll be hearing a lot from you :) (Houston Ballet does, indeed, have a reputation for having a fine teaching staff.)

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