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Don Quichotte - Paris Opera Ballet

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There is a commercially available version of the above on DVD, and I wonder if anyone has seen it, and opinions.

Does the version include de variations of the Flower Girls in the grand pas de deux in Act III? Because the Australian Ballet version of Nureyev's don Q does not include them.

Thanks so much


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Nureyev didn't include variations for Flower girls in the 3d act in his version.

Here the Flowers girl are called the Kitri's Friend and they appear only in first act and 1st table of 3d act, they are on the wedding but just as spectators. It stays one variation which is the variation for the bridemaid. It's the second variation with grand jetés of the original Petipa final pdd.

Concerning the cast, it is made with the best dancers of POB, Aurélie Dupont was nominated Etoile on this part, but I think she was not at her best in this video. She was recorded some week before her long injury of till one year ! Manuel Legris is Basilio as Nureyev wanted to see him, not high jump, but very beautiful execution in the pas, one of the greatest Basilio I never saw in Paris.

Jean-Guillaume Bart was a superb Espada, I prefer other dancer in this part, but technically, he is absolutely perfect. I think, that for myself, something lacks in his play !

Marie-Agnès Gillot, our newest Etoile is wonderful as Street dancer, I would prefer see her as Queen of Dryad, because she is one of the best in the world to make "grands jetés", but she is really amazing, it's one of my favourite dancer.

Delphine Moussin dances the queen of Dryads with Poetry and Lyrism, she is beautiful. Clairemarie Osta is a cute Cupid. Karl Paquette is a gypsy a few tall. I think the "manege" of sit-pirouettes is not mad for a tall dancer.

Fanny Fiat is absolutely ravishing as Bridemaids, with precision.

I think it's really a good version of Nureyev production. One regret, it's that it was not recorded when we have again the Georgiadis sets and costums. I think the production was more original.

the conclusion is you can buy it closed eyes. I don't think you will be deceived by the dancers.

I forgot the most important Jean-Marie Didière is unforgettable as Don Quixote, he is sad but never ridiculous. Often I find the character is near the big dope, and it's not a dope for me, it's a dreamer, a tall dreamer.

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