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I was looking through Paloma's web page and I noticed that it said that English Television (BBC-LWT Productions) made a documentary about Paloma in 1995. Has anyone seen it or know where I could get a copy/ view it? I'm guessing that the Performing Arts Library in NYC would be my best bet, but I was just wondering if it was ever made available to the public....thanks!


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i've not seen nor previously heard of this prog.

i don't think the NYPublic Lib. for the Perf. Arts has a copy.

it would likely only have a copy on hand if someone donated one to the collection, which, if my search was correct, seems not to have happened.

perhaps someone else on this site will have more encouraging news to report.

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There was a 30-minute bio (think it was 30 minutes but it might have been longer) of Paloma shown on U.S.'s Bravo network. She spoke to an unseen interviewer and went about her day taking class, rehearsing and hanging out with her friends at her apartment. McKenzie, David Richardson, Suki Schorer and NY Times' Anna Kisselgoff also were interviewed and Paloma was seen rehearsing Tschaik. Pas with Keith Roberts and performed that and the Act I solo of Kitri's from Don Q. at the end of the show. I know the NYPL does not have this show in its catalogue.

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