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2004-2005 Season

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Announced at the Press Release Meeting yesterday:

Ballet i Kastellet

Anna Karinina: Ratmansky

Abdallah: Bournonville

Etudes: Lander

Lifeguards on Amager: Bournonville

Hans og Grethe: Isberg

In the Night, Fancy Free: Robbins

Far From Denmark: Bournonville

Nutcracker: Ratmansky

Vers un Pays Sage: Maillot

La Sylphide: Bounonville

City of Twist: Petronio (guestperformance), Kridt: Rushton (NDDT guestperformance), New Work: Rushton (RDB)

Napoli: Bournonville

Conservatory: Bournonville

The Little Mermaid: Neumeier

La Ventana, Kermesse: Bournonville

A Folktale: Bournonville

Guest Performances at New Opera House:

Jo Stroemgen Kompani

Anja Joergensen: Uppercut Danseteater

Joergen Carlslund: Corona Danseteater

Peter Shaufuss: 'Harald'

Tim Ruston: NDDT

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When will rehearsals begin for some of the new performances that are listed for the new season?

(Sorry if its a really stupid question but I've only been watching ballet for about 12 months and I still have to learn a lot of obvious things..) :thumbsup:


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Luxie, some have probably already begun -- I don't think there's a predictable schedule, at any company, especially one that uses choreographers or stagers from outside the company, as the schedule will depend on their other commitments. Often ballets for the next season are rehearsed at the end of the season -- or at least the rehearsals begin -- and then resume a few weeks before the premiere.

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