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Spring program change

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According to the Joffrey website,

By popular demand, we've changed our Spring program to feature those works you saw and loved in the Robert Altman film The Company."

Please .... not "The Blue Snake". :green:

But we saw "Light Rain" last year ... twice, if you count the Ravinia engagement. Same for "Suite Saint-Saens". "Tensile Involvement" I think I saw last year, but to be fair it might have been at the special spring gala performance. "My Funny Valentine" and "White Widow" are the only works we haven't seen around here for a couple of seasons. Frankly, I'd rather see something newish, by which I mean something that hasn't appeared in the last two seasons at least.

I have a good idea why they are doing this. I suspect that they anticipate some first-timers who have seen The Company, and will feel comfortable re-viewing the same works. You know how you always like it at concerts when the artist performs the oldies? But I do wonder how many first-timers will be there, and whether it is worth alienating their steady audience to accomodate the newbies.

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