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Video/DVD of Sleeping Beauty and La Bayadere

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Dancing daughter will be dancing in excerpts and/or variations from these two ballets for end of year performance at her studio. She loves having videos to watch to help her understand and prepare for the role. She already has many books with photos and story lines. So which presentations of these ballets are your favorites? Why?

(I realize that they will not be available on one DVD/Video!!!)

Thanks so much.

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Royal Ballet with Asylmuratova

Kirov with Komleva

Paris Opera Ballet with Guerin, Hilaire, Platel

Sleeping Beauty:

Royal Ballet with Fonteyn (Act III on An Evening with the Royal Ballet)

Kirov with Sizova, Lezhnina, Asylmuratova, Kolpatkova (although this was done late in her career and isn't the best indicator of her dancing)

A lot depends, of course, on your daughter's teacher and style---there are variations in variations....but these should get her started at least.

There are SB excerpts on many anthology videos, also.

You might check Grescovic's book, Ballet 101, which has a good starter video library index.

You can also click on the Amazon.com icon on the upper right of this page and do a search under DVDs and Videos for both ballets.

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Sleeping beauty:

I think it is easy to find the Paris Opera Ballet one, with Aurélie Dupont and Manuel Legris.

A good one, although I must confess, I like better the one with Lezhnina and the Kirov.

Good luck to your daughter :rolleyes: !

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