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POB Documentary Film

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I just finished watching Etoiles, Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet (for the second time). I am sure many of you have seen it. I was fascinated at the behind the scenes viewpoints.

At one point, they explained a quadrille makes 13,000 francs a year, and an etoile makes 35,000 francs a year. Is that correct or did I misunderstand? I did a quick currency conversion and that would be 2,500-5,000 US dollars. Yikes! If nothing else, this film was clear on the fact these dancers are pursuing their passion!

I particularly liked the last scene of this film where the corps de ballet comes offstage from their last scene in Swan Lake. As soon as they stage left, they all grab their dance bags and water bottles and scoot out the back. Just another day at the office...

If you have not already seen it, this is a very interesting film. I purchased mine at Amazon.com :thumbsup::D

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MickeyFan, this documentary was mentioned in several previous threads, so you might try having a look at it:




Also there's an ongoing discussion about it in the "ballet videos" forum, there:


so I'm going to close this topic and copy your post to that thread so that more people can answer it.

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