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ABT Studio Associates Program Announced

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This just in from ABT:



Unique After-School Pre-Professional Training Program

To Emphasize the ABT Style and Classical Technique

Auditions to be Held December 8 at ABT Headquarters

American Ballet Theatre will launch the Studio Company Associate Program, a pre-professional training program for 12 high school students, it was announced today by John Meehan, Artistic Director of the ABT Studio Company, Education and Training.

The Studio Company Associate Program aims to provide the highest quality training, consistent with the stylistic requirements of ABT, for up to 12 students. The program is designed to accommodate the academic schedules of students, ages 14-18, with classes held weekdays, 2:30-5:30 P.M. and Saturday and Sunday, 12 Noon to 5:00 P.M. Classes in the Associate Program will include classical technique, pointe, partnering, pas de deux, character, modern technique and Pilates.

Of the new Associate Program, John Meehan said, “We felt there was a need in New York City for a school that would provide basic ballet training with a traditional, classical foundation. With this foundation in place, our aim is to establish a curriculum in which students can learn a variety of classical styles, as well as contemporary dance that blends modern and classical technique.”

Faculty will include members of ABT’s Artistic Staff, ABT alumni and other prominent teachers. Students will be accepted based on merit, and scholarships will be available based on need.

Auditions for the ABT Studio Company Associate Program will be held on Monday, December 8 at 4 P.M. at ABT’s headquarters at 890 Broadway, 3rd Floor. For audition information, please call 212-477-3030, ext. 3281.

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How very interesting! This sounds wonderful and something that I hope will expand in the future to include many more students. It sounds so similar to Studio Co. itself except that they call it a school where they train in their 'style' which is part of what Studio Co. does as well. I suppose the only difference is that they might not tour and perform as Studio Co. does and ofcourse the parents must pay the tuition!

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Wow! It's about time. :flowers: :flowers: I can guarantee this will be THE most crowded audition in Manhattan's history to date. One day, folks. Of course, the only downside is that it's prime Nutcracker season and many students may be away at their year round programs.

On a more controlled note:

Nevertheless, three cheers for this program, long may it wave and grow into a full fledged school.

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Got the letter can't go due to rehearsals :angry: :flowers: I would love to! I wish they had done it a.) in November or b.) in the beginning of January. OR something!

Oh, well, there's always next year! Good luck to anyone who auditions (luckyyyys...)


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