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New Napoli to be presented at Festival

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This from the RDB press office. I'm sure this is NOT in place of the Bournonville version, but in addition to it:

Napoli - the New City

Tim Rushtons new interpretation of Bournonvilles Napoli is performed at the

festival in 2005

Expect the unexpected when Tim Rushton takes a brave leap by renewing a

160-year-old national legacy.

Napoli - the New City is set in an urban discotheque environment complete

with trendy young people and pulsing colourful lights. Having stripped away

several of the characters from the 160 year old, world renowned August

Bournonville-ballet Napoli, Rushton is down to essentials of passion,

temptations and conquering love when he tells the story of the young couple

Teresina and Gennaro.

True to the original narrative line, Teresina is captured by seaspirit

Golfo, who emprisons her in a mysterious underworld of luscious female

creatures. In the end, however, she breaks the spell of temptation and

returns to Gennaro where the traditional 3rd. act is turned into a complete

party zone anno 2003.

Napoli - the New City has all the passions and broad appeal of the original

Napoli, but employs a lively contemporary movement and visual vocabulary,

including close-up videofilms by filmmaker Ulrik Wivel.

Napoli - the New City had it's world premiere at the Royal Danish Theatre in

the summer 2003 - guest performed by the New Danish Dance Theatre.

NDDT also performs the revival on June 5th 2005 at the 3rd Bournonville



The Royal Danish Ballet

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I wonder if the new version is the one they'll bring to Washington in January.

Just what we need.... :rolleyes:

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I am pretty sure that we are talking about the work, inspired by Napoli, created by Tim Rushston for his own company NDDT and performed by that group on TRT. It was not such a big succes that RDB is likely to perform it themselves

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