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2003-2004 touring schedule

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In response to GW's post, I thought I'd try to piece together a touring schedule. The links will take you to the presenter's site; more info there, and often you can buy the tickets there, too.

Grand Opera House

Wilmington, Delaware

October 9, 2003


In this working rehearsal, Farrell draws on her expertise to guide a new generation of dancers as they perfect five ballets by Balanchine.

Adults $29, $36, $38


Ann Arbor, Michigan

October 31, 2003


Balanchine/Tchaikovsky Mozartiana

Balanchine/Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux

Balanchine/Tchaikovsky Meditation

Balanchine/Tchaikovsky "Elegie" from Tchaikovsky Suite No. 3

Balanchine/Tchaikovsky Serenade

Florida State University


The Suzanne Farrell Ballet

OCTOBER 17 & 18, 2003

Ruby Diamond Auditorium on the FSU campus

The concerts will consist of two different programs of Balanchine choreography. One evening will feature the music of Tchaikovsky, and the second will highlight the unique relationship between Balanchine and his dancers.


Los Angeles, California

11/07/03 (Friday) and 11/08/03

Time: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Description: Suzanne Farrell

Location: Royce Hall Auditorium

Category: Performance

Sponsor: UCLA Live

Tickets: $55, $45, $30

no program info yet


San Francisco, California

presented by Cal Performances


November 14, 15

Program: Balanchine/Mozartiana, set to Tchaikovsky's Suite No.4, Op. 61; Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, set to excerpts from Swan Lake; Meditation, set to Op. 42, No. 1; "Elegie" from Tchaikovsky Suite No. 3.

Price: $26/$36/$46


Washington, DC

Kennedy Center

Suzanne Farrell Ballet Company

Dec 2 - 6, 2003

Tickets: $27.00 - $66.00

In 2002, the Washington Post exclaimed, “…an ensemble that tackles difficult ballets with a fearless zest and makes them seem fresh and alive” following the company’s fall engagement. Under the auspices of the Kennedy Center, Suzanne Farrell’s international company of dancers returns to the Eisenhower Theater for its third full engagement. The company will present a program of Balanchine works as part of the Kennedy Center Tchaikovsky Festival and a second program currently titled “The Balanchine Couple” – exploring the unique relationship between the great choreographer and his dancers. The Kennedy Center engagement will be preceded by a 7-week national tour that will include stops in California, New York, and Pennsylvania, among others.

more later!

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I'll put up everything I can find, but it means going from venue to venue and takes some time. There's no Suzanne Farrell Ballet Company in the sense of press releases, people to answer questions, etc.

Dale (or anyone) if you find out what's in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, that area, please post. I've put up all I could find on line at this time.

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I put up information on the New Jersey appearances on:


However, Tzigane and Divert. No. 15 were ballets listed for NJ. I'm hoping the Tchaikovsky ballets from the other stops will be put on the program. The Kennedy Center lists that the company will be performing in New York. I'm not sure that is in NYC, because the Farrell Ballet is not listed at BAM, Symphony Space or her prior venue, the New Victory Theatre. However, the Kaye playhouse has not announced its 2003-04 season, nor has the Joyce. Or, New York could be upstate, such as at Purchase or Bard. They are not coming to the Tilles Center, as they had two years ago. I do wish the company would get a web site or a listing on a pr site.

I also searched around in Pennsylvania, but the Meriam Theater has not updated its next season. The company is not listed for the Kimmel Center.

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A few years back, Suzanne Farrell Ballet was at the Bardavon Opera House (1869). In Poughkeepsie. Two hours north of NYC. A beautiful old theatre that hold approx. 900.

Bard just opened a new theatre in May....I have checked the Bardavon web site and it is in a state of "updating"

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Unfortunately, Bard, according to the office, is not having any dance performances in its new theater. Too, bad, because I wanted to go there this season, but probably won't make the trip just to see the ASO. I've never been to the Bardavon Opera House, so that would be interesting. Again, it's a bit vexing the company just can't put out a tour listing.

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(Orginally I had posted this on the News and Announcements but thought I should move it here.)

Thanks to Alexandra's link to the Toby Tobias "blog" on Arts Journal , I've just been reminded that Suzanne Farrell's company is performing on October 11th at NJPAC...but what I didn't know is that they will also be at Brooklyn College on October 12th for a matinee.

What is Brooklyn College like as a place to watch ballet? I've never been to NJPAC, in Newark, NJ, though I have heard it's quite nice... Any comments?

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I saw a ballet performance at Brooklyn College once, fifteen or twenty years ago and had a very good seat. It's a perfectly acceptable place (I think they call it the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts), but I remember it as somewhat dark and forbidding. I could be mistaken. But there's no mistaking the wonderful atmosphere at NJPAC. It is a light, airy structure which I consider far more welcoming than any of the Lincoln Center venues. There are different theaters within the one building (like at the Kennedy Center) and the Farrell Company will be in the main one, Prudential Hall. I recommend going there. It's easy to get to by PATH train to Newark. I believe there are shuttle buses from the station to NJPAC, and for the physically fit, it's within walking distance.

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Thanks Farrell Fan - and if you're planning on attending please let me know and this time we should wear our alertnik identity cards pinned to our lapels so we'll be able to spot each other! :blushing:

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Great news that SuFarBallet is making two, TWO! NYC area stops!

Farrell Fan's description of NJPAC's Prudential Hall is accurate. I found the place very attractive and comfortable on my (belated!) first visit this past spring.

I visited the Brooklyn College venue once or twice many years ago, and I do not remember it as "dark and forbidding," perhaps because I attended matinees. Don't remember. :shrug: It is a college auditorium, i.e., a little Spartan. It has good sightlines.

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Maybe we should get little ballet alertnik beanies with red lights on the top that we can press when we want to be seen :blushing:

Thanks for the question, and thanks for the information on the theaters, Carbro.

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Thanks carbo, I'm sure the Brooklyn College is perfectly fine...since we're coming from northeast of NYC, I'll have to check out my routes to both - but this time we're going to be sure to make it to one or the other. B)

P.S. I think beanies are fine, as long as they come in a variety of sizes and are hybrids. :blushing::blushing:

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