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I'm not sure if I've put this question in the correct area, but here goes.

I'm sure this is a tough one, but I would like to find out the name and composer of a particular piece of music that I heard in part III of "The Six Wives of Henry VIII"-BBC.

The scene is a court dance with Henry and Jane (Seymour) sitting on their thrones. Mary the first enters to give her father a gift and he in turn gives her a gift.

I heard the music on the radio several years ago and I think it was announced to be Flemmish.

I know that if I have any luck in procuring the answer, it will be by way of a BA member. :)

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I tried imdb.com - no luck unfortunately. Google shows mostly stuff about Rick Wakeman's unrelated rock album of the same title, but it's worth a more in-depth search.

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Glebb, I would bet you could pursue that through BBC. That credit exists somewhere, and they'd be the ones who know. There might be information on that series on their site, but if not, why not email them and ask for a list of the music used?

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