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Marc Haegeman

Kirov-Mariinsky tours in Europe coming up (or not)

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For European balletomanes it may be interesting to know that the Kirov Ballet trip to Basel, Switzerland, April 19-21, unfortunately has been cancelled: http://www.musical-highlights.ch/kirov/

The engagement in Frankfurt, Germany (April 24-26) continues as planned, as does the tour to Manchester, UK (April 28-May 3). More on: http://www.riederprom.at/englisch/index.html

For anyone willing to take the risk :), here is some casting info for Manchester (courtesy Rieder Promotions):

Swan Lake

April 28: Zakharova/Zelensky

April 29: Gumerova/Korsuntsev

April 30 (mat): Tereshkina/Fadeyev

April 30: Pavlenko/Kolb

May 1: Sologub/Korsuntsev

La Bayadère

May 2: Zakharova/Ruzimatov/Osmolkina

May 3 (mat): Pavlenko/Sarafanov/Tereshkina

May 3: Gumerova/Zelensky/Tkachenko

All subject to change of course.

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I have tickets for April 28, the combination of Zakharova/Zelensky looks good, on May 1st I have not seen Sologub/Korsuntsev.

For Bayadere on May 2nd Zakharova/Ruzimatov/Osmolkina is fine although I have not seen Osmolkina. on my last visit May 3rd Gumerova/Zelensky/Tkachenko I have not seen Tkachenco.

I would welcome any icomments on the dancers I have not seen.

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Colwill, it seems the younger forces of the company (graduates from the last three or four years), will be well represented in Manchester. Tatiana Tkachenko and Viktoria Tereshkina are coryphées, new to the role of Gamzatti. Interesting that Tereshkina is also already cast as Odette-Odile.

Ekaterina Osmolkina has been a charming, yet dramatically immature Gamzatti in the new-old production of La Bayadère (Tarassova is far preferable).

Natalia Sologub has been a rewarding soloist since 1998, especially good in the modern choreographies the Mariinsky is adopting. Swan Lake should be new to her.

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Marc, Do you have any information about the casting for London next month? Or indeed, any information regarding who is likely to be included in the London season.


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Mashinka, it might be that the casts will only be revealed on the day of the performance - which sounds like a very wise decision ;). Of the dancers announced (see: http://www.balletalert.com/forum/showthrea...&threadid=10638 ) at least one (Maya Dumchenko) won't show up in London as she is on maternity leave. There is also some speculation as to how much time Diana Vishneva will have left to spend in London because of several engagements in Japan (Nureyev Festival, World Ballet Festival). Everything is possible of course.

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