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Ballet at the 2003 Edinburgh Festival

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I've just received the brochure for the next Edinburgh Festival, and here's what's listed for the ballet:

From Aug 21 to Aug 23: a mixed bill "Picasso and Dance" by the Ballet de Bordeaux, with Massine's "Parade" and "The three-cornered hat", Lifar's "Icare" (Icarus) and Balanchine's "The Prodigal Son" (well, the connection between Picasso and "The Prodigal Son" isn't exactly clear :) )

They will dance this program in Bordeaux this season, and also later in Paris at the Théâtre du Châtelet (but with some flamenco by a guest company instead of "The Prodigal Son"), I'm looking forward to seeing it.

From Aug 28 to Aug 30: the San Francisco Ballet, with a Christopher Wheeldon mixed billl, including "There where she loves", "Continuum" and a world premiere.

Also, in the dance (non ballet) section, there will be the Cullberg Ballet (Aug 11-14) with a Johan Inger- Mats Ek double bill, and the compagnie François Verret (Aug 17-18) with "Chanier-Musil'.

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