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  1. Nutcracker 2017

    I recall that Balanchine never minded when dancers fell off point or fell generally. To him it meant that they were giving their all (and then some) to the performance.
  2. Veronika Part leaving ABT

    Yes, quite so. It was with Lopatkina in mind that I added the words "at ABT." But you're quite right, along with Lopatkina, in the entire world.
  3. Veronika Part leaving ABT

    I, too, totally agree. There was a moment in time (several years, actually) when she was the reigning Swan Queen at ABT, and it's a terrible shame that we don't have a record of her iconic performance. (I would have said it's criminal, but given the state of the world at this time that seemed a bit excessive.)
  4. 2018 Met Season

    IMHO, she was splendid as Odette and uncharacteristically seductive as Odile (i.e., she's a wonderful actress), and with some more experience doing those turns, and without the extenuating circumstances, would have pulled them off. She's a true ballerina.
  5. 2018 Met Season

    To give credit where credit is due, it was onxmyxtoes who pointed out that the video was taken at an angle from the wings, which I thought was an important observation.
  6. 2018 Met Season

    Leaving aside the matter of substitutions and alternate approaches, Lane has posted some wonderful videos of herself rehearsing in the studio and dancing on stage in various ballets that show her at her stellar best. Given the side angle of the videographer and the hypothesized tiredness of Lane, why not simply take this video down so that people see her at her best, rather than her second best? If I were Lane and the camera caught me like that, I wouldn't want it all over the internet.
  7. 2018 Met Season

    Expectations are, of course, of the utmost importance. Had I said that she was stunning, you might have had a different take. True, the camera angle may have a lot to do with it. But Lane is a dancer with a gorgeous port de bras, and here her upper body looks stiff and unattractive. The whole effect for me was that she was gritting her teeth as she was grinding out each turn. I am, however, planning to see each and every ballet in which she is dancing the leading role during the spring season.
  8. 2018 Met Season

    I, too, am a huge fan of Sarah Lane, but I agree that those fouettes are (well, I'll go further than you) a disaster. Maybe she was out celebrating something the night before. This clip should be removed because it shows her at her worst. And her best is transcendent.
  9. ABT 2017 Spring Season at The Met

    She's so sweet (I've never met him). Wishing them every happiness.
  10. Fall 2017 Season

    ITA about Wiles. And Teuscher.
  11. Fall 2017 Season

    Last season, when Teuscher debuted in Swan Lake in New York, I felt that she showed no individuality, nothing that would have made her performance distinctive. I didn't say anything at that time because it seemed everyone was applauding her technique, especially her ability to execute turns, and everyone was excited by her promotion. So I'm especially thankful that you posted about her this season, an opinion that validates my own. To me, the great dancers are completely different from one another; a ballet danced by someone one night will be a completely different ballet to my eyes with a different cast the next. I wonder whether individuality is inborn, or something that can be developed with coaching.
  12. Fall 2017 Season

    Yes, see ya in the Spring. Am also going to see The Red Shoes.
  13. Fall 2017 Season

    I'm skipping the entire season too.
  14. 2017 Fall Season

    I was there last night too. I thought Krohn was simply amazing in the Stravinsky. I am bereft because I just discovered her sublimity a year or so ago in Emeralds and I was looking forward to seeing more of her. I'm told her progression to principal was slow because of a succession of injuries. Perhaps it's good that a dancer retire at the top of their game, rather than wait until the audience is measuring the height of this year's arabesque compared with last year's, or the next injury sidelines them. In that vein, Maria was divine last night in In Memory Of, and I hope she'll still be around for a long time.