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  1. ABT 2017 Swan Lake

    She did sort of stumble out of it, didn't finish in a pirouette, maybe sort of hit a fourth position. at first i thought she was going to run off to the side but she ended up doing a long pique attitude (back bent, swan style) to fill the music. hope that helps?? Hard to describe. It was less "disasterous" than what Hee Seo did last night.
  2. ABT 2017 Swan Lake

    I was paying attention and thought she got very close to finishing all 32 counts of fouettes (with the doubles interspersed it is nearly impossible to do 32 fouettes in 32 counts).... I would say probably 26-28 counts. Not sure where you got 16?
  3. Misty Copeland is also not a young principal, at age 34. Good thing the newish soloists, Cassandra Trenary and Skylar Brandt are in their early 20s and have major potential to have long careers in principal roles!
  4. Roster in Review - 2017

    Funny is I thought he was leaving last year:
  5. When Kara Barnett came in as Exec Director, she got a new Press and Marketing team, and you're starting to see the results.
  6. what did Copeland do for the fouettes in her performance in DC. Curious minds inquire.
  7. ABT 2016 Nutcracker Casting

    The Colorado ballet lift shown in the video resembled what I saw Stella and Alex perform last week. Also wanted to comment that the Colorado ballerina is very pretty!
  8. ABT 2016 Nutcracker Casting

    The rats on walking on the back is back! Skylar Brandt (I believe) had posted on her instagram story them rehearsing it & I saw it during the CA run this year. But I do remember it missing from the 2014 NY run.
  9. Nutcracker 2016

    The cast I saw with Krohn, Janzen, and King was really lackluster and actually pretty sloppy. The first NYCB Nutcracker performance I saw was with Mearns & Tiler Peck (forgot the male), and I forgot how much of a difference the lead casting makes. The supporting cast was great.
  10. ABT 2017 Spring Season at The Met

    When did it become acceptable to perform Nutcracker in July?
  11. ABT Fall Season 2016- Koch Theater

    From what I remember from the 3 fall galas I've attended is there are opening remarks, but the rest of the show continues just like a normal rep night. It's not full of speeches, video montages, and tributes like spring gala.
  12. Job well done today by Tyler Maloney who danced alongside seasoned principals and soloists in Ranmansky's Serenade. So exciting that a new corps member had such an opportunity and proved he deserved a spot up there.
  13. Associate Artistic Director

    Well now that Ballet Silicon Valley has shuttered, it looks like JM Carreno may be available!
  14. ABT on Tour 2016 - casting

    Wanted to clarify that my comment on some seasoned principals not always performing smoothly/effortlessly was not referring to this Detroit run or Ms. Murphy at all (Murphy did not perform this tour due to the flu). Having watched 4 years of ABT Met Seasons, I was referring to some performances where I felt, as an audience member, uncertain if a dancer in a principal role was going to complete some technical aspects of her performance. I personally think Gillian Murphy is the dancer that seems the most secure in her performances
  15. ABT on Tour 2016 - casting

    Reporting back from Detroit: Trenary's debut as Aurora was triumphant. Very pleased that management gave her the chance to perform this role. Her technique was pristine and her acting in each act was exceptional. Everything went smoothly and looked effortless - which we can't say for some of the seasoned principals! Would suggest New Yorkers get tickets to her June 29th (matinee) performance. You will be thankful to catch this young talent early!